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imageif you’re a terrorist

imageand I’m a terrorist




wow amazing

every time i take slightly sexy photos of myself or my body i get immediately embarrassed and delete them like who wants to see that no one i live with cas and he’ll laugh and i dont know what link likes so i cant just text him sexy bewb related things what if he laughs

my sexy bewbs



dirigiblefish said: I think you had better art than that by the time I met you I NEVER IMAGINED WHAT IT WAS LIKE BEFORE THEN

YES WELL i didn’t start showing off my art until i started using the inuyasha style / fma style as a reference for some of my art, so by the time you were seeing my stuff i was already progressing a little…..


i’m really bothered by this situation i’m in because i have been trying again and again to be a good friend. trying within my ability to make these people happy and it’s coming to be a useless endeavor. i’m coming to realize more clearly that the people i’m trying to help are just using me as a sack to dump their woes and if i don’t immediately right the things that are hurting them then i’m one of the general lot who doesn’t give a damn and i obviously don’t care. i OBVIOUSLY don’t understand what it’s like to lose a friend, what it’s like to lose touch with someone,to not hear from someone for so long that it feels like your whole life is falling apart. i obviously don’t know what it’s like to realize how dependent you were on those people to protect you and accept you and  it feels more like a betrayal than a mutual parting of ways. I’m obviously the one at fault here and i’m obviously the one who broke up your friendship because i’m not their keeper.

Teal 3DS for sale

I’m trying to sell this thing, please contact me if you’d be interested. 100 dollars.

I found my glasses finally

I found my glasses finally

Everyone I draw now looks distressed somehow….

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